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Faculty/Administrator Mentors

LLE-logo-3-just steps - dark blueLegacy’s Faculty/Administrator Mentors represent a rich cross-section of the University from virtually every school and college on campus to a host of offices and programs. Our Faculty/Administrator Mentors support student success and leadership in the classroom, the lab, and throughout their involvement on campus. Legacy Mentors actively attend and participate in many Legacy events throughout the year and help students reflect on their experiences as they prepare for a life of leadership beyond UConn. Legacy is proud to partner with such a diverse group of accomplished and committed professionals from across campus.

FM - Thomas Abbott

Thomas Abbott

Department: Molecular and Cell Biology
Education: Ph.D., Science Education (GIS-GPS Technologies), University of Connecticut (’03); Masters, Science Education, Eastern Connecticut State University (’84), B.S., Ichthyology, University of Connecticut (’75).
Mentee: Shervin Etemad (Legacy ’12), Asiyah Khan (Legacy, ’15)

FM - Lyn Allchin

Lynn Allchin

Department: School of Nursing
Mentee:Amanda Sullivan (Legacy ’11)

FM - Marysol AsencioMarysol Asencio

Department: Human Development and Family Studies
Mentee: Cait Partyka (Legacy ’09)

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FM - William Bailey

William Bailey

Department: Chemistry
Mentee: William David Lindsay (Legacy ’10)

FM - Gina Barreca Gina Barreca

Department: English Department
Mentee: Cindy Luo (Legacy ’11)


Edith Barrett

Department: Urban and Community Studies
Mentee: Adrianna Antigiovanni (Legacy ’17)


Ashis Basu

Department: Chemistry
Mentee: Christopher Zins (Legacy ’17)



Oksan Bayulgen

Department: Political Science
Mentee: Matthew Byanyima (Legacy ’17)

FM - JC BeallJC Beall

Department: Department of Philosophy
Education: Ph.D., 1998 Philosophy, UMass, Amherst; M.A., 1996 Philosophy, UMass, Amherst; B.A. 1989, Philosophy Grove City College
Mentee: David Steuber (Legacy ’07)
Why did you become involved in the Legacy Program? ‘Great people have greatness in them, but it needs to be brought out. The Legacy mentor program seemed to me to be one way of extracting greatness from promising students who have shown glimmers of greatness already.’
Favorite Part about being a Legacy Mentor: ‘Getting to know a wider array of students who will very soon, and very certainly, be running the world.’

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FM-Bob Birge
Robert Birge

Department: Chemistry
Education: NIH Postdoctoral Fellow, Harvard University 73-75, Ph. D., Wesleyan University, B.S., Yale University
Mentee: Maschal Mohiuddin (Legacy ’14)

FM - Thomas BlumThomas Blum

Department: Physics
Mentee: Greg Petropoulos (Legacy ’09)


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FM - Diane BordeleauDiane Bordeleau

Department: Student Activities
Mentee: Kelly Flaherty (Legacy ’11)

FM - Mark BoyerMark Boyer

Department: Political Science
Mentee: Andrew Bilich (Legacy ‘13), Caitlin Briody (Legacy ’16)


FM- Scott Browna

Scott Brown

Department: Educational Psychology
Education: A.B. Psychology, Boston University, M.S. Psychology, Montana State University, Ph.D., Psychology, Syracuse University
Mentee: Sean O’Briskie (Legacy ’14)

FM - Rhonda BrownbillRhonda Brownbill

Department: Nutritional Sciences
Mentee: Alana Benito (Legacy ’12), Kyle Kotvun (Legacy ’12)


burkeyDan Burkey

Department: Engineering
Education: Ph.D., 2003 Chemical Engineering, Massachusetts Institute of Technology; M.S., 2000 Chemical Engineering Practice, M.I.T.; B.S. 1998, Chemical Engineering, Lehigh University
Mentee: Lauren Biernacki (Legacy ’16)

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FM - Mun ChoiMun Choi

Department: Provost, School of Engineering
Education: B.S. in Engineering from University of Illinois, 1987; M.A. in Engineering from Princeton University, 1989; Ph.D. in Engineering from Princeton University, 1992.
Mentee: Ethan Butler (Legacy ’11)
Why did you become involved in the Legacy Program?: ‘To specifically support the development of future leaders and to broadly contribute to the education and training of students.’
Favorite part about being a Legacy Mentor?: ‘Interacting with students who have a passion for making effective changes through dialogue, engagement and innovation.’

Cichochi 2Chelsea Cichocki

Department: Center for Academic Programs
Education: University of Connecticut, Human Development and Family Studies, Psychology, 2012; Baylor University; Higher Education and Student Affairs, 2014;
Mentee: Veronica Fields (Legacy ’15)

FM - Kathleen CienkowskiKathleen Cienkowski

Department: Speech Language and Hearing
Mentee: Emily Gelbard (Legacy ’07)



Dwight Codr

Department: English
Mentee: Helen Stec (Legacy ’17)

FM - Cristina ConteCristina Conte*

Department: Academic Center for Exploratory Students
Education: B.S. in Human Development and Family Studies, University of CT, 2005; M.S. in College Student Personnel Administration, Canisius College, 2007.
Mentee: Nasreen Mustafa (Legacy ’11)
Why did you become involved in the Legacy Program?: ‘I am extremely honored to be part of this process. It is with hopes that I continue to inspire students to pursue their passion, understand their strengths and see me as an important contact in their lives. This opportunity has been nothing but enriching for me, just as much as it is for the Legacy students.’
Favorite part about being a Legacy Mentor?: ‘My favorite part of being a Legacy Mentor is having an even closer eye on the personal growth that Nasreen, my Legacy student is experiencing throughout her undergraduate years at UConn.’

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FM - Doug CooperDoug Cooper

Department: Chemical Engineering/Vice Provost for Undergraduate Education
Mentee: Leonella Villegas (Legacy ’11)


FM - Joseph CrivelloJoseph Crivello

Department: Department of Physiology and Neurobiotics
Mentee: Wenhui Sun (Legacy ’09)


FM - Michael DarreMichael Darre

Department: Animal Science
Education: B.S. in Animal Science from University of Illinois, 1975; M.S. in Animal Physiology/Animal Science from University of Illinois, 1977; Ph.D. in Environmental Animal Physiology from University of Illinois, 1980.
Mentee: Jennifer Elman (Legacy ’07)
Why did you become involved in the Legacy Program?: ‘I like working with students.’
Favorite part about being a Legacy Mentor?: ‘Seeing the growth of their leadership skills.’

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FM - Ken DautrichKen Dautrich

Department: Public Policy
Mentee: Stephen Pelletier (Legacy ’10)


FM - Jill DeansJill Deans

Department: Office of National Scholarships (Undergraduate Enrichment)
Education: B.A., English and Religion, Bowdoin College; M.A. & Ph.D., English, University of Massachusetts, Amherst
Mentee: Erica Morse (Legacy ‘08), Sarah Purtill (Legacy ’14)
Favorite Part about being a Legacy Mentor? ‘Watching my “mentee” connect with an impressive peer group and gain confidence in her abilities. I enjoyed meeting the alumni mentors, too and the other student participants.’

FM - Tom DeansTom Deans

Department: Department of English and Writing Center
Education: B.A. and M.A., Georgetown University; Ph.D., University of Massachusetts
Mentee: Yoo Mi Thompson (Legacy ‘09), Odia Kane (Legacy ’17)
Why did you become involved in the Legacy Program? ‘I had heard promising things about the program and I already nominated a few of my students.’
Favorite Part about being a Legacy Mentor? ‘Seeing how people weather the white water rafting. True character comes out when soaked to the bone and approaching rapids.’


Alexis Dudden

Education: Ph.D., 1998 History, University of Chicago; M.A., 1993 History, University of Chicago; B.A. 1987, East Asian Studies, Columbia University
Mentee: Ian Fignon (Legacy ’16)

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FM - Rebecca EckertRebecca Eckert

Department: Teacher Education
Mentee: Brenna Dunnack (Legacy ’11)


FM - Julia Bell ElkinsJulie Elkins*

Department: Student Affairs
Mentee: Robert Slattery (Legacy ‘08)


FM - John EnderleJohn Enderle

Department: Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering
Education: Ph. D. 1980 Biomedical Engineering, Polytechnic Institute; M.E. 1978 Electrical and Systems Engineering, Polytechnic Institute; M.E. 1977 Biomedgical Engineering, Polytechnic Institute, B.S. 1975 Biomedical Engineering, Polytechnic Institute, A.S. 1973 Engineering Science, Suffolk County Community College.
Mentee: Bryan Banville (Legacy ‘08)

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FM - Matt FarleyMatt Farley

Department: Public Engagement
Mentee: Alexandra Kuehnle (Legacy ’10)


Faustman-bwCameron Faustman

Department: College of Agriculture, Health and Natural Resources
Education: UConn; Dual BS in Natural Resources Conservation and Agriculture Education, 1982; Univ of Wisconsin-Madison; Animal/Food Science, 1987;
Mentee: Kamil Jablonowski (Legacy ’15)

FM - Paul GainesPaul Gaines*

Department: Veterans Services
Mentee: Stephan Darden (Legacy ’10), Sagar Rana (Legacy ’12)


FM - Anita GareyAnita Garey

Department: Human Development and Family Studies
Education: B.A., English, California State University, Sacramento; M.A., Political Science, University of California, Berkeley; Ph.D., Sociology
Mentee: Chelsea Ambrozaitis (Legacy ‘09)
Favorite Part about being a Legacy Mentor? ‘Getting to know my mentee in a variety of situations.’

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Gielo-Perczak-bwKrystyna Gielo-Perczak

Department: Biomedical Engineering
Mentee: Dean Walston (Legacy ’13)

FM - David GoldhamerDavid Goldhamer

Department: Department of Accounting
Mentee: Jonathan Sierakowski (Legacy ‘07)


Gonzalez 2Elsie Gonzalez

Department: Residential Life
Education: Lesley University, Counseling Psychology, 2003; Teachers College, Columbia University, Higher Education Administration, 2004;
Mentee: Francine Quintino (Legacy ’15)


Lewis Gordon

Department: Philosophy, Africana Studies Institute
Education: Ph.D., Philosophy, Yale University, 1993; M.A, Philosophy, Yale University; B.A., Lehman College 1984
Mentee: Quian Callender (Legacy ’14)

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FM - Larry GramlingLarry Gramling

Department: School of Business
Education: B.S., University of Scranton; M.B.A., Northeastern University; Ph.D., University of Maryland; CPA
Mentee: Jonathan Sierakowski (Legacy ‘07), Anne Jensen (Legacy ’12), Kavisha Thakkar (Legacy ’17)

FM - Robin HandsRobin Hands

Department: Neag School of Education
Education: B.S., Barrington College (’81); B.A., Johnson State College (’91); Ph.D., University of Massachusetts, Amherst (’09)
Mentee: Meagan O’Brien (Legacy ’12)

FM - Fany HannonFany Hannon

Department: Puerto Rican/Latin American Cultural Center
Mentee: Yomarie Diaz (Legacy ’13), Maria Castrellon (Legacy ’15)

hanson-bwBetty Hanson

Department: Political Science
Education: Ph.D., 1966 Political Science, Columbia University; M.A., 1960 Political Science, Columbia University; B.A. 1956, Philosophy, Southern Methodist University
Mentee: Ariana Scurti (Legacy ’16)

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Kaitlin Heenehan

Department: Honors Program
Mentee: Eric Burfeind (Legacy ’17)

FM-Becca HermanBecca Herman

Department: Student Activities
Education: Masters, Student Affairs Administration, Western Washington University, 2007, B.A. Religion, University of Puget Sound, 2006
Mentee: Emily Stassen (Legacy ’14)

FM - Shereen HertelShareen Hertel

Department: Political Science and Human Rights Institute
Education: Ph.D., Political Science, Columbia University (’03), M.A., International Affairs (’92), Columbia University; B.A. International Studies, The College of Wooster (’88)
Mentee: Celia Guillard (Legacy ’12)

FM - Virginia HettingerVirginia Hettinger

Department: Political Science
Mentee: Mary (Molly) Rockett (Legacy ’13), Marissa Piccolo (Legacy ’16)

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FM - James HillJim Hill

Department: Academic Center for Exploratory Students
Education: B.A., Biology, Hartwick College; M.S., Botany, University of New Hampshire: Ph.D., Ecology, University of Connecticut
Mentee: Valen Diaz (Legacy ‘09)
Favorite Part about being a Legacy Mentor? ‘I have worked in an academic setting for 20 plus years, and it has always been about the same thing – STUDENTS. Students continue to inspire, challenge and intrigue me…Valen is the primary reason. She is a tremendous person, and a natural born leader. I felt I could learn as much from her as she might from me.’


Erik Hines

Department: Educational Psychology
Mentee: Jordane Virgo (Legacy ’17)

FM - Jess Hoffmann

Jessamy Hoffmann

Department: Honors Program
Education: Ph.D., Higher Education, University of Virginia, 2003, Masters, Gifted Education, University of Connecticut, 1997 B.A. English, Mary Baldwin College, 1995
Mentee: Rubby Koomson (Legacy ’14), Julian Rose (Legacy ’15), Anurag Ojha (Legacy ’16)


Jonathan Hufstader

Department: English
Mentee: Sarah Melchior (2009)


ivakhiv-bwSolomiya Ivakhiv

Department: Violin and Viola
Education: DMA, 2010 Stony Brook University; M.A., 2001 Music, M.Lysenko State Music Academy; B.A. 2003, Music, Curtis Institute of Music
Mentee: Myles Mocarski (Legacy ’16)

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FM - Steven JarviSteven Jarvi*

Department: Institute for Student Success
Education: B.S., Springfield College; M.Ed., Boston University; Ph.D., University of Connecticut
Mentee: Alixandra Grasson (Legacy ‘08)
Favorite Part about being a Legacy Mentor? Legacy students have lots of ideas and energy. I enjoy helping them look for themes in their activities and achievements and I encourage them to keep all their options open.

FM - Patricia JepsonPatricia Jepson

Department: College of Agriculture and Natural Resources
Education: B.A., Animal Science, University of Connecticut; M.A., Agriculture Education, University of Connecticut; Ph.D., Educational Psychology, University of Connecticut (’06)
Mentee: Dustyn Nelson (Legacy ’12), Christian Allyn (Legacy ’16)

FM - Kazem KazerounianKazem Kazerounian

Department: Engineering
Mentee: Smit Patel (Legacy ’13)


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Debra Kendall

Department: Department of Molecular and Cell Biology
Mentee: Heeren Makanji (Legacy ‘08)


FM - Donna KorbelDonna Korbel

Department: Center for Students with Disabilities and Higher Education and Student Affairs
Education: B.A., Psychology and Sociology, Framingham State College; M.Ed., Springfield College; Doctoral student, University of Connecticut
Mentee: Elisabeth Werling (Legacy ‘09)
Favorite Part about being a Legacy Mentor? ‘It has been a pleasure working with my mentee and watching the development of her leadership skills.’


Jeffrey Kramer

Department: Health Systems Management
Mentee: Akina Warner (Legacy ‘09)


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FM - Leo Lachut

Leo Lachut

Department: First Year Programs
Mentee: Brandon Luna (Legacy ‘09), Arben Mustafa (Legacy ’10), Armando Jimenez (Legacy ’11) Gabriel Castro (Legacy ’14), Gabriel Bachinelo (Legacy ’15)

FM - Jeffrey LadewigJeffrey Ladewig

Department: Political Science
Mentee: Timothy Callaghan(Legacy ’10)


FM - Richard LangloisRichard Langlois

Department: Department of Economics
Education: B.A. 1974 Physics and English, Williams College; M.S. 1975 Astronomy, Yale; M.S. 1976, Ph.D. 1981 Engineering-Economic Systems, Stanford.
Mentee: Joseph Antelmi (Legacy ‘09), Rafael Perez-Segura (Legacy ’10)

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FM - Rachel LarsonRachel Larson*

Department: Career Services
Education: B.J. in Advertising from University of Nebraska-Lincoln, M.A. in Educational Administration from University of Nebraska-Lincoln, 2006; Ph.D. Candidate in Adult Learning from University of Connecticut (in progress).
Mentee: Sarah DeAngelo (Legacy ’10)
Why did you become involved in the Legacy Program?: ‘I love working with students and helping them to reach their leadership potential. As a mentor for Leadership Legacy, I get to do that and have an engaging professional and personal relationship with my mentee in a different capacity than I normal would with students. I think I learned just as much, if not more, from her than she did from me.’
Favorite part about being a Legacy Mentor?: ‘I enjoyed watching my mentee and her cohort grow in their confidence as leaders and recognize that one individual can make a difference in the lives of others. It is easy for students to the program to be intimidated by the caliber of student leader selected for Leadership Legacy, but I believe each student learns at the end of the program that they are an excellent leader in their own right that can have an impact on people and issues on a local, national, and global level.’

FM - Jennifer Lease-ButtsJennifer Lease Butts

Department: Honors and Undergraduate Research
Education: B.A.,History, University of Arkansas; M.Ed., Higher Education, University of Arkansas; Ph.D.,Counseling and Human Development and Student Affairs Administration, University of Georgia
Mentees: Samantha Sherwood (Legacy ’07), Linda Drozdowicz (Legacy ‘08), Sarah Harris (Legacy ’10), Kaitlin Heenehan (Legacy ’10), Sarah Luft (Legacy ’15), Elizabeth Charash (Legacy ’17)
Favorite Part about being a Legacy Mentor? ‘The best part is getting to connect with the two wonderful women that have been by mentees. I’m so proud of all that they have accomplished already, and it’s been great to have the opportunity to continue to work with them over their college careers. I’ve also really enjoyed meeting the other Legacy students. It’s always inspiring to hear about their lives and their ideas, and then to be able to watch those ideas come to fruition. They all make UConn better because of the time they invest in campus leadership.’

Michael Lynes

Department: Department of Molecular and Cell Biology
Education: B.A., Biology, Colby College; Ph.D., Genetics, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill
Mentee: Philip Gorecki (Legacy ’09)
Why did you become involved in the Legacy Program? ‘The program addresses important issues of social responsibility for its participants.’
Favorite Part about being a Legacy Mentor? ‘I enjoy watching the development of the student’s capabilities.’

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Adrienne Macki Braconi

Department: Dramatic Arts
Education: Ph.D. in Drama from Tufts, 2008; M.A. in Theatre Education from Emerson College; B.A. in Theatre from Middlebury College, 1994.
Mentee: Elysse Yulo (Legacy ’11)
Why did you become involved in the Legacy Program?: ‘I nominated one of my outstanding students and was happy to see her accomplishments recognized outside of our department.’
Favorite part about being a Legacy Mentor?: ‘Seeing my student come into her own is one of the most fulfilling moments as an advisor and mentor.’


Maria Martinez

Department: Institute for Student Success
Education: Ph.D., Higher Education Administration, University of Connecticut; Masters, Social Work, University of Connecticut; B.A., Sociology, Lehman College
Mentee: Nordia Meggie (Legacy ’14)

FM - Marie McCainMarie McCain*

Department: Institute for Student Success
Education: B.A., American Studies, Wesleyan University; M.Ed., Counseling and Consulting Psychology, Harvard Graduate School of Education
Mentee: Camille Patterson (Legacy ‘08)
Why did you become involved in the Legacy Program? ‘A counselee requested that I participate in the Leadership Legacy Program as her mentor.’
Favorite Part about being a Legacy Mentor: ‘My favorite part of the experience is observing the ways in which my mentee developed skills and gained confidence as a result of her LL involvement.’

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FM - Paul McCarthyPaul McCarthy

Department: Athletics
Mentee: Matthew Turner (Legacy ’10)


FM - Adrian McClearyAdrian McCleary*

Department: Academic Center for Exploratory Students
Mentee: Adonis Chamble (Legacy ‘07)


FM - Matthew McKenzieMatthew McKenzie

Department: History and American Studies
Education: B.A., History, Boston University (’92), M.A., History, University of New Hampshire (’98), Ph.D., University of New Hampshire (’03)
Mentee: Rebecca D’Angelo (Legacy ’12)

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FM - David MillerDavid B. Miller

Department: Department of Psychology and Honors Undergraduate Studies
Education: B.A., Psychology, University of Florida; M.S. and Ph.D., Experimental Psychology, University of Miami
Mentee: Leah McDermott (Legacy ‘09)
Favorite Part about being a Legacy Mentor? ‘Having a chance to interact with some very bright, talented, and highly dedicated students.’

Mitoma-bwGlenn Mitoma

Department: Thomas J. Dodd Research Center
Education: University of California Santa Cruz, Studio Art, 1996; Claremont Graduate University, Cultural Studies, 2003; Claremont Graduate University, Cultural Studies, 2007
Mentee: Emily Kaufman (Legacy ’15)

FM-Jon Moore

Jonathan Moore

Department: SAIT
Mentee: Aseel Eid (Legacy ’11), Victoria Kallsen (Legacy ’14)



Jennifer Morenus

Department: Puerto Rican / Latin American Cultural Center
Education: B.A., Music, University of Connecticut (’97)
Mentee: Chris Campbell (Legacy ’12)


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moscardelli-bwVincent Moscardelli

Department: Political Science
Mentee: Adam Kuegler (Legacy ’15)

FM - Sally NealSally Neal

Department: CLAS Academic Services Center. Transfer Advisor and Orientation Coordinator
Mentee: Garrett Cottrell (Legacy ’09), Allison Lemkin (Legacy ‘07)
Education: BA, Psychology (1996), Gustavus Adolphus College, Minnesota. MA; Higher Ed.(2001), Neag School of Education, University of Connecticut.; PhD, Adult Learning (2009) Neag School of Education, University of Connecticut
Favorite part about being a Legacy mentor: My favorite part about being a Leadership Legacy Mentor is being able to work with dedicated students who are not only academically successful, but who also display genuine support for their colleagues. Today’s Legacy experience is contributing to how these students will think about, view, and carry out their work as future leaders. It’s a privilege to see my Mentees enthusiastically approach each new event as an opportunity to learn.


Monique Negron

Department: Academic Support Services
Mentee: Amy Cerezo (Legacy ’17)

FM-Josh Newton

Josh Newton

Department: UConn Foundation
Education: B.A., Belmont Abbey College, 1993
Mentee: Trayvonn Diaz (Legacy ’14)

no_photo_largeTravis Grosser

Department: Management
Mentee: Jeffrey Noonan (Legacy ’17)

FM - Jeff OgbarJeffrey Ogbar

Department: History
Education: B.A., History, Morehouse College (’91); M.A. (’93) and Ph.D. (’97), U.S. History, Indiana University
Mentee: Justis Lopez (Legacy ’13), Maman Cooper (Legacy ’16)

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FM - Glen O'KeefeGlen O’Keefe*

Department: Bursar
Mentee: Nina Sacco (Legacy ’10)


FM - David OuimetteDavid Ouimette

Department: First Year Programs an Learning Communities
Mentee: Ryan Matthews (Legacy ‘08), Andrew Kim (Legacy ’14), Yijia Liu (Legacy ’16)


FM - Mayte Perez FrancoMayte Perez-Franco*

Department: Puerto Rican/Latin American Cultural Center
Education: B.A., Education & Spanish, Georgia State University; M.A., Spanish, Georgia State University: Ph.D., Higher Education, University of Arizona
Mentee: Juan Carmona (Legacy ‘08)
Favorite Part about being a Legacy Mentor? ‘Spending time with my mentee and getting to know him personally.’

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FM - Jeremy PressmanJeremy Pressman

Department: Political Science
Education: Ph.D., Political Science, Massachusetts Institute of Technology; B.A., Politics/Judaic Studies, Brandeis University
Mentee: Carl D’Oleo-Lundgren (Legacy ’12)

FM - Bandana PurkayasthaBandana Purkayastha

Department: Liberal Arts and Sciences
Mentee: Romana Haider (Legacy ’10)


Kay Strother is appointed to director of the National Scholarship Office.Katherine Ratcliff

Department: Department of Sociology
Mentee: Charlayne McStay (Legacy ‘07)


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Heather Read

Department: Psychology and Biomedical Engineering
Education: Postdoctoral Fellowship, University of California at San Francisco; Ph.D, Neuropharmacology, Loyola University Stritch Institute of Medicine; B.S. Biochemistry and Biophysics, Texas A&M University
Mentee: Margaret Rowland (Legacy ’14)

Sally Reis Renzulli, professor and department head of educational psychology.Sally Reis

Department: Vice Provost for Academic Administration
Education: B.A., English & Psychology, Chatham College (’73); M.A., Special Education, Southern Connecticut State University (’77); Ph.D., Educational Psychology, University of Connecticut (’81)
Mentee: Shreena Desai (Legacy ’12)

FM - Michael RenfroMichael Renfro

Department: Mechanical Engineering
Mentee: Monica Smith (Legacy ’13)


RenzulliJoseph S. Renzulli

Department: Educational Psychology/Neag School of Education
Education: B.S., Math and Science Education, Glassboro State College (’58); M.A., Educational Psychology, Rutgers University, (’62); EdD, Educational Psychology, University of Virginia
Mentee: Jessica Stargardter (Legacy ’15)

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FM - Xae ReyesXae Reyes

Department: Education
Education: B.A., Social Sciences- Economics, University of Puerto Rico- Rio Piedras (’70); M.A., Translation, University of Puerto Rico- Rio Piedras (’77); Ph.D., Social, Multicultural Foundations of Education, University of Colorado- Boulder (’94)
Mentee: Melanie Rodriguez (Legacy ’10)

FM - Diane RiosDiane Rios

Department: Communication Sciences
Mentee: Giovanna Torres (Legacy ’12)


FM-Joanna Rivera

Joanna Rivera Davis

Department: Center for Academic Programs-Student Support Services
Education: Masters, Student Affairs in Higher Education, Slippery Rock University, 2007; B.A. Social Work, Eastern Connecticut State University, 2006
Mentee: Kiana Gonzalez (Legacy ’14)

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FM - Venida Rodman-JenkinsVenida Rodman-Jenkins*

Department: Violence Against Women Prevention Program
Education: B.A., Psychology, Syracuse University; M.A., Divinity, New York Theological Seminary
Mentee: Matthew Dempsey (Legacy ’12)


FM - Angela RolaAngela Rola

Department: Asian American Cultural Center
Mentee: Daniel Lin (Legacy ‘08), Matthew Lin (Legacy ‘07), Hoang Trinh (Legacy ’11), Varun Khattar (Legacy ’15)



Keat Sanford

Department: Enrichment Programs
Mentee: Karim Abdel Jalil (Legacy ’16)


Cathy Schlund-Vials

Department: Asian American Studies
Education: Ph.D., English, University of Massachusetts, Amherst 2006; M.A., English, University of Massachusetts, Amherst, 2002; B.A., English, University of Texas, Austin (University/Departmental Honors) 1996.
Mentee: RJ Anderson (Legacy ’14)

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FM - Eric SchultzEric Schultz

Department: Ecology & Evolutionary Biology
Mentee: Colin Carlson (Legacy ’11)



Maria Sedotti

Department: Orientation Services-Enrollment Planning and Management
Education: B.S. Biology, College of New Rochelle (NY) 1977; Masters, Education & Teaching Certificate for grades 7-12, Science Education, University of Connecticut, 1980
Mentee: Erin Holden (Legacy ’14)


Beth Shapiro Settje

Department: Career Services
Education: B.S., Business Administration, Marketing, and English, Beaver College (Arcadia University); M.A. College Student Personnel, Counseling and Student Development, University of Maryland
Mentee: Alyssa Moss (Legacy ‘07)
Favorite Part about being a Legacy Mentor? ‘I liked hearing about the activities and seeing how the student grew as result of the program.’

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FM - Del SiegleDel Siegle

Department: Educational Psychology
Mentee: Julia Leonard (Legacy ’11)


Lawrence Silbart on Sept. 19, 2013. (Peter Morenus/UConn Photo)Lawrence Silbart

Department: Vice Provost’s Office
Mentee: Jamille Rancourt (Legacy ’13)


Simonsen-Bill-bwBill Simonsen

Department: Public Policy
Mentee: Luke LaRosa (Legacy ’15)


staples-bwMegan Staples

Department:Neag School of Education
Education:Ph.D., 2004 Mathematics Education, Stanford University; M.Ed., 1999 Curriculum and Instruction, Stanford University; B.A. 1992, Math, Brown University
Mentee: Marinela Maxhari (Legacy ’16)


Christine Sylvester

Department: Political Science
Mentee: Emily Block (Legacy ’13)


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AM - Melissa TafoyaMelissa Tafoya

Department: Department of Communication Sciences
Mentee: Michael Mizrahi (Legacy ’11)



Rebecca Taylor

Department: Counseling Program for Intercollegiate Athletics
Mentee: Brendan Bayers (Legacy ‘07)


AM - Robert ThorsonRobert Thorson

Department: Ecology and Evolutionary Biology
Mentee: Danielle Lanslots (Legacy ’10)


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Jaci VanHeest

Department: Educational Psychology
Education: B.A., Physical Education, Hope College (’84); M.S., Exercise Psychology, Michigan State University (’88); Ph.D., Exercise Endocrinology, Michigan State University (’93)
Mentee: David Andrew (Legacy ’12)


Donna Vose

Department: Student Health Services
Mentee: Maria Grishanina (Legacy ’17)


Mike Willenborg

Department: Department of Accounting
Education: B.S., Accounting, Bucknell University; Ph.D., Business and Economics, Pennsylvania State University
Mentee: Christian Mendonca (Legacy ‘07)
Favorite Part about being a Legacy Mentor? ‘I very much enjoyed getting to know the student whom I was mentoring.’

Williams-Steve-bwSteven Williams

Department: Accounting
Education: MBA, 1989 Real Estate, Finance, Marketing, University of Connecticut; B.S. 1984, Accounting, Providence College
Mentee: Sydney Lauro (Legacy ’16)

Paula Wilmot

Department: Honors Program
Mentee: Rachel Stewart (Legacy ’13), Alleya Jenkins (Legacy ’16)


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Wilson-Christine-bwChristine Wilson

Department: Student Affairs
Education: Political Science, Indiana State University (’87), College Student Personnel, Indiana State University (’90), EdD, University of Rhode Island, (’06)
Mentee: Alyssa Burgos (Legacy ’15)

AM - David YalofDavid Yalof

Department: Department of Political Science
Mentee: Rachael Forker (Legacy ‘08)


AM - Steve ZinnSteve Zinn

Department: Agriculture and Natural Resources
Mentee: Elizabeth Fedorko (Legacy ’10)


* = No longer with the University