About Legacy

LLE-logo-3-just steps - dark bluePersonal Accomplishment ∗ Academic Commitment ∗ Character ∗ Integrity ∗ Community

Established in January 2007, the Leadership Legacy Experience recognizes and invites the University's most exceptional student leaders to participate in a year-long leadership enhancement experience that is immersive, comprehensive, substantive, and builds on their legacy as University leaders and helps prepare them for a life of commitment and contribution beyond graduation.

Program Objectives

University of Connecticut Legacy Students will:

  • Deepen their understanding of their abilities and responsibilities as members and leaders in society beyond graduation.
  • Form life-long connections with their peers.
  • Develop networking relationships with University alumni who are supportive of their development as leaders.
  • Solidify their legacy as University of Connecticut student leaders.
  • Prepare themselves for life as individuals who lead through actions that are selfless, civically motivated, and socially responsible.

Eligibility and Selection Criteria 

Students who have demonstrated consistent and substantive contribution(s) to and leadership of the campus and its broader community and who show significant potential to lead beyond graduation. Additionally, students will have to be able to commit to, and be enrolled as full-time Storrs undergraduate students during the length of the program – January – December.

Candidates for this program should be established leaders on campus and beyond and be able to demonstrate through the nomination/selection process:

  • Areas of Personal Accomplishment
  • Academic Commitment
  • Examples of Personal Character/Integrity
  • Contributions to the Community
  • Being a Student in Good Standing

Projected initial cohort: 10 – 15 undergraduate students

The nomination and selection process for Legacy occurs during the Fall semester of each year.

Program Benefits

There are many benefits associated with being selected as a Legacy Student including:

  • Institutional Recognition
  • Personalized Training and Development
  • Alumni Networking and Support
  • Faculty Networking and Support

Key Program Components

There are several key components to the Leadership Legacy Experience that make this the premiere leadership program on campus. All of these components are designed to solidify the participants’ legacy as a leaders’ on campus while preparing them for a life of leadership.

  • Legacy Bi-Weekly Meetings ...these are workshops and personal development opportunities that prepare Legacy Students for completing their legacy at UConn and leadership beyond. They are held 5 to 6 times per semester at pre-determined dates/times.
  • Legacy Lecture Series ...opportunities for Legacy Students to meet, interact with, and learn from outstanding leaders from diverse arenas. There are typically 2 to 3 lectures each semester.
  • Douglas A. Bernstein Summit ...students participate in a 2 day summit intentionally designed for Legacy Students that sets the stage for the year ahead.
  • Experiential Learning...throughout Legacy, Students participate in a number of outdoor/experientially-based leadership development opportunities.
  • Alumni Mentoring ...student establish and build meaningful relationship(s) with University Alumni as they provide a network of resources beyond graduation. (Alumni Mentor Role)
  • Faculty/Administrator Mentoring ...provides Legacy Students with the opportunity to solidify their relationship with the University and its faculty and administrators through a mentoring relationship lasting the full length of the program and beyond. (Faculty Mentor Role)

Program Completion

Successful completion of the program will include:

  • having attended the scheduled lectures, workshops, and other related events
  • having met periodically with your faculty and alumni mentors
  • not being on any form of disciplinary or academic probation during their enrollment in the program