2022 Alumni Mentors

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One of the more unique aspects of Legacy is the Alumni Mentoring component. Drawing from their experiences in a variety of industries and backgrounds, Legacy’s Alumni Mentors are a dedicated group of individuals who commit their time to work with and encourage their students to reflect not only on their past and current experiences, but also to think about their future beyond UConn. Legacy Alumni Mentors are invited to personally attend and share in many of the experiences that the Legacy Students take part in - and in the end - perhaps build a life-long connection with these future leaders while they, themselves reconnect with the University in a meaningful way.

Patrick Adams

Patrick Adams (‘95)

Current Employer: Foundation Medicine 
Mentees:  Reinier González (Legacy ‘21), Neal Krishna (Legacy '21), Chris Guzman (Legacy ’22), Makayla Dawkins (Legacy ’22)

Nancy Dupont

Nancy Dupont (’85, '10)

Degree: B.S., Nursing,  Master of Public Health
Current Employer: UConn Health, John Dempsey Hospital
Mentees: Michael Zhu (Legacy '20), Sheryl John (Legacy '21), Richmond Le (Legacy ’22), Sumeet Kadian (Legacy ’22)


Jason Jakubowski ('99, '01)

Degree: BA, Political Science; Master of Public Affairs
Current Employer: President & CEO of Connecticut Foodshare
Mentees: Khadija Shaikh (Legacy ’22)


Jeff Larson

Current Employer: 
Mentees: Dwaritha Ramesh (Legacy ’22)

AM - Jeff Ment

Jeff Ment (‘89)

Degree: B.A., Business Management
Current Employer: The Ment Law Group
Mentees: Alexandra Kuehnle (Legacy ’10), Cindy Luo (Legacy ’11), Celia Guillard (Legacy ’12), Emily Block (Legacy ’13), Julianne Norton (Legacy ’13), RJ Anderson (Legacy ’14), Erin Holden (Legacy ’14), Emily Kaufman (Legacy ’15), Marissa Piccolo (Legacy ’16), Matthew Byanyima (Legacy ’17), Susan Naseri (Legacy ’18), Walter Dodson (Legacy ’19), Lily DeBlasio (Legacy '20), Harry Zehner (Legacy '20), Irene Soteriou (Legacy '21), Sena Wazer (Legacy '21), Justin Taverna (Legacy ’22)


Kaitlin Roig-DeBellis (’05, ‘06)

Degree: B.A., Education, M.Ed Elementary Education
Current Employer: Classes 4 Classes
Mentees: Marinela Maxhari (Legacy ’16), Elizabeth Charash (Legacy ’17), Kathrine Grant (Legacy ’18), Himaja Nagireddy (Legacy ’19), Omaniel Ortiz (Legacy ’19), Bruna Basso (Legacy '20), Darlene Burckson (Legacy '21), Lucas Knight-Vezina (Legacy '21), Jannatul Anika (Legacy ’22)

nick roy (2)

Nick Roy (’06)

Degree: B.A., Marketing
Current Employer: Somnio Financial Group, LLC
Mentees: Michael Chiluisa (’13), Trayvonn Diaz (Legacy ’14), Alyssa Burgos (Legacy ’15), Karim Abdel Jalil (Legacy ’16), Yijia Liu (Legacy ’16), Christopher Zins (Legacy ’17), Bright Eze (Legacy ’18), Caesar Valentin (Legacy ’19), Amisha Paul (Legacy '20), Prabhas KC (Legacy '21), Nidhi Nair (Legacy ’22)

AM - Jennifer Welsch

Jennifer Ryley Welsh (’90)

Degree: B.A., Political Science
Current Employer: Mitchell College
Why did you become a Legacy Mentor? I had a mentor at UConn who changed my life, I wanted to pay it forward.
Mentees: Matthew Lin (Legacy ’07), Samantha Sherwood (Legacy ’07), Alixandra Grasson (Legacy ’08), Heeran Makanji (Legacy ’08), Chelsea Ambrozaitis (Legacy ’09), Leah McDermott (Legacy ’09), Elizabeth Fedorko (Legacy, ’10), Nina Sacco (Legacy ’10), Nasreen Mustafa (Legacy ’11), Amanda Sullivan (Legacy ’11), Christopher Campbell (Legacy ’12), Matthew Dempsey (Legacy ’12), Rachel Stewart (Legacy ’13), Andrew Kim (Legacy ’14), Veronica Fields (Legacy ’15), Asiyah Khan (Legacy ’15), Maman Cooper (Legacy ’16), Maria Grishanina (Legacy ’17), Tara Watrous (Legacy ’18), Damayanti Castrodad (Legacy ’19), Felicita Kuperwasser (Legacy ’19), Aaron Hooker (Legacy '20), Katie Krocheski (Legacy '21), Jalyn Brown (Legacy ’22)
Favorite aspect about being a Legacy Mentor? ‘Learning more from my mentees than I could have even hope to teach them.’

AM - Richard Twilley

Richard Twilley (’96 ’04)

Degree: B.S., Civil Engineering
Current Employer: Athorus, PLLC
Mentees: Ryan McHardy (Legacy ’07), Allison Lemkin (Legacy ’07), Ryan Matthews (Legacy ’08), Camille Patterson (Legacy ’08), Robert Slattery (Legacy ’08), Philip Gorecki (Legacy ’09), Garrett Cottrell (Legacy ’09), Timothy Callaghan (Legacy ’10), Stephen Pelletier (Legacy, ’10), Colin Carlson (Legacy ’11), Hoang Trinh (Legacy ’11), Carl D’Oleo-Lundgren (Legacy ’12), Justis Lopez (Legacy ’13), Mary (Molly) Rockett (Legacy ’13), Sean O’Briskie (Legacy ’14), Maria Castrellon (Legacy ’15), Julian Rose (Legacy ’15), Ariana Scurti (Legacy ’16), Jordane Virgo (Legacy ’17), Lucas Bladen (Legacy ’18), Kelsey Richard (Legacy ’18), Sebastien Kerr (Legacy ’19), Victoria Reichelderfer (Legacy ’19), Zoe Demitrack (Legacy '20), Sage Phillips (Legacy '20), Tommy Alvarez (Legacy '21), Noah Frank (Legacy '21), Musa Hussain (Legacy ’22), Sofya Levitina (Legacy ’22)

AM- Brooke Zelesnick-1

Brooke Zelesnick (’98)

Degree: B.A. Economics, Concentration in American History and Political Science
Current Employer: UBS AG
Mentee: Sarah Purtill (Legacy ’14), Jessica Stargartder (Legacy ’15), Lauren Biernacki (Legacy ’16), Adrianna Antigiovanni (Legacy ’17), Juan Santiago (Legacy ’18), Alyssa Addesso (Legacy ’19), Ethan Kimaru (Legacy '20), Mitsuko Koyama (Legacy '21), Ara Figueroa (Legacy ’22)