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Alumni Mentors

LLE-logo-3-just steps - dark blueOne of the more unique aspects of Legacy is the Alumni Mentoring component. Drawing from their experiences in a variety of industries and backgrounds, Legacy’s Alumni Mentors are a dedicated group of individuals who commit their time to work with and encourage their students to reflect not only on their past and current experiences, but also to think about their future beyond UConn. Legacy Alumni Mentors are invited to personally attend and share in many of the experiences that the Legacy Students take part in – and in the end – perhaps build a life-long connection with these future leaders while they, themselves reconnect with the University in a meaningful way.


AM - Rozalyn Cama

Rosalyn Cama (’75)

Degree: B.S., Interior Design
Current Employer: Cama, Inc.
Mentee: Brendan Bayers (Legacy ’07), Jonathan Sierakowski (Legacy ’07)

AM - John Driscoll

John Driscoll (‘81)

Degree: B.A., Economics
Current Employer: Webster Private Bank
Mentees: Brandon Luna (Legacy ’09), Yoo Mi Thompson (Legacy ’09), William David Lindsay (Legacy ’10), Matthew Turner (Legacy ’10), Ethan Butler (Legacy ’11), Alana Benito (Legacy ’12), Kyle Kotvun (Legacy ’12), Varun Khattar (Legacy ’15),  Anurag Ojha (Legacy ’16), Kavisha Thakkar (Legacy ’17)

AM - Pete GrahamPete Graham (’92)

Degree: B.A. Accounting
Current Employer: GE Capital
Mentees: Andrew Bilich (Legacy ’13), Victoria Kallsen (Legacy ’14)

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AM - HollyHageman

Holly Hageman (‘86)

Degree: ‘86, ‘05 Ed.D.
Current Employer: Glastonbury Public Schools
Mentees: Julia Leonard (Legacy ’11), Brenna Dunnack (Legacy ’11), Meagan O’Brien (Legacy ’12)

AM - Kelly HenniganKelly Hennigan (‘97)

Degree: B.A., Spanish, M.S. in Mathematics with Concentration in Actuarial Science (’98)
Current Employer: Voya Financial
Mentees: Aseel Eid (Legacy ’11), Dustyn Nelson (Legacy ’12), Dean Walston (Legacy ’13), Emily Stassen (Legacy ’14), Kamil Jablonowski (Legacy ’15), Myles Mocarski (Legacy ’16), Katherine Folker (Legacy ’17)

AM - Steven HofflerSteven Hoffler (‘95)

Mentees:  Adonis Chamble (Legacy ‘07), Alyssa Moss (Legacy ‘07), Pratistha Koirala (Legacy ‘08), Erica Morse (Legacy ‘08), Valen Diaz (Legacy ‘09), Caitlin Partyka (Legacy ‘09), Amy Cerezno (Legacy ’17)


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AM - Ben KehlBenjamin Kehl (’99)

Degree: B.A., Risk Management and Insurance
Current Employer: Kehl Financial
Mentees: Smit Patel (Legacy ’13), Rubby Koomson (Legacy ’14), Adam Kuegler (Legacy ’15), Ian Fignon (Legacy ’16), Sydney Lauro (Legacy ’16)


AM - Marisa LeoneMarisa Leone (’93)

Degree: M.A., Counseling- Student Development in Higher Education, B.A. General Studies
Current Employer: UConn Health Center
Mentees: Brandi Stenglein (Legacy ’13), Quian Callender (Legacy ’14)

Nicole Lindsay (’96)

Degree: B.A.Finance
Current Employer: The ZOOM Foundation
Mentee: Odia Kane(Legacy ’17)

AM - Christine LodewickChristine Lodewick (‘67)

Degree: M.S., Speech Pathology
Mentee: Emily Gelbard (Legacy ‘07)


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AM - Annette Lombardi

Annette R. Lombardi (‘76)

Degree: B.A., Political Science
Current Employer: Department of Social Services
Mentees: Jennifer Elman (Legacy ’07), David Steuber (Legacy ’07), Juan Carmona (Legacy ’08), Rachael Forker (Legacy ’08), Joseph Antelmi (Legacy ’09), Wenhui Sun (Legacy ’09), Sarah DeAngelo (Legacy ’10), Kelly Flaherty (Legacy ’11), Shreena Desai (Legacy ’12), Sagar Rana (Legacy ’12), Yomarie Diaz (Legacy ’13), Nordia Meggie (Legacy ’14), Sarah Luft (Legacy ’15), Caitlin Briody (Legacy ’16), Alleya Jenkins (Legacy ’16), Helen Stec (Legacy ’17)
Favorite aspect about being a Legacy Mentor? ‘In addition to participating in the wonderful programs and events, my favorite part is the opportunity to build a lasting relationship with my students.The Leadership Legacy Program is a wonderful program and provides a great opportunity for students as well as mentors to continue to learn new things and to grow as individuals and leaders. Although I am the “mentor”, I truly believe that I have been mentored by the phenomenal students at UCONN.’

AM - Jeff Ment

Jeff Ment (‘89)

Degree: B.A., Business Management
Current Employer: Silver, Golub & Teitell, LLP
Mentees: Alexandra Kuehnle (Legacy ’10), Cindy Luo (Legacy ’11), Celia Guillard (Legacy ’12), Emily Block (Legacy ’13), Julianne Norton (Legacy ’13), RJ Anderson (Legacy ’14), Erin Holden (Legacy ’14), Emily Kaufman (Legacy ’15), Marissa Piccolo (Legacy ’16), Matthew Byanyima (Legacy ’17)

AM - Frank MiloneFrank Milone (’92)

Degree: B.S., Accounting
Current Employer: Fiondella, Milone & LaSaracina LLP (CPA Firm)
Mentees: Charlayne McStay (Legacy ’07), Christian Mendonca (Legacy ’07), Bryan Banville (Legacy ’08), Daniel Lin (Legacy ’08)
Favorite aspect about being a Legacy Mentor? ‘The opportunity to meet very highly motivated students who see the value of utilizing mentors.’

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AM - Cara MotowildoCara Motowildo (’06)

Degree: B.A., English
Current Employer: YuMe
Mentees: David Andrew (Legacy ’12), Shervin Etemad (Legacy ’12), Krisela Karaja (Legacy ’13), Jamille Rancourt (Legacy ’13), Kiana Gonzalez (Legacy ’14), Francine Quintino (Legacy ’15)

AM - Sean Oconnell

Sean O’Connell (’83, ’92)

Degrees: B.A., Economics/Political Science
Current Employer: General Electric
Mentees: Grep Petrop (Legacy ’09), Sarah Melchoir (Legacy ’09) ,Danielle Lanslots (Legacy ’10), Arben Mustafa (Legacy ’10), Armando Jimenez (Legacy ’11), Leonela Villegas (Legacy ’11), Rebecca D’Angelo (Legacy ’12), Gabriel Bachinelo (Legacy ’15)

AM - Dan ParzychDan Parzych (‘93)

Degree: B.S., Economics
Current Employer: Equifax
Mentees: Rafael Perez-Segura (Legacy ’10)

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AM-Dave Pepin1Dave Pepin (’66, ‘70)

Degree: MBA, Finance Concentration, B.S. Finance, B.S. Economics
Current Employer: Retired
Mentee: Gabriel Castro (Legacy ’14)

AM - Heather RhoadesHeather Rhoades (‘96,’99)

Degree: B.A., Law
Current Employer: Cummings and Lockwood
Mentees: Romana Haider (Legacy ’10)

AM - Steve Rogers

Steve Rogers (’73, ’78)

Degree: M.B.A.
Current Employer: Subway Development Corp. of New England
Mentees: Stephan Darden (Legacy ’10), Elysse Yulo (Legacy ’11), Anne Jensen (Legacy ’12), O’Rayne Clarke (Legacy ’13), Margaret Rowland (Legacy ’14), Luke LaRosa (Legacy ’15), Christian Allyn (Legacy ’16), Eric Burfeind (Legacy ’17)

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Kaitlin Roig-DeBellis (’05, ‘06)

Degree: B.A., Education, M.Ed Elementary Education
Current Employer: Classes 4 Classes
Mentees: Marinela Maxhari (Legacy ’16), Elizabeth Charash (Legacy ’17)

AM - Nick RoyNick Roy (’06)

Degree: B.A., Marketing
Current Employer: Somnio Financial Group, LLC
Mentees: Michael Chiluisa (’13), Trayvonn Diaz (Legacy ’14), Alyssa Burgos (Legacy ’15), Karim Abdel Jalil (Legacy ’16), Yijia Liu (Legacy ’16), Christopher Zins (Legacy ’17)

AM - Jennifer Welsch

Jennifer Ryley Welsh (’90)

Degree: B.A., Political Science
Current Employer: Mitchell College
Why did you become a Legacy Mentor? I had a mentor at UConn who changed my life, I wanted to pay it forward.
Mentees: Matthew Lin (Legacy ’07), Samantha Sherwood (Legacy ’07), Alixandra Grasson (Legacy ’08), Heeran Makanji (Legacy ’08), Chelsea Ambrozaitis (Legacy ’09), Leah McDermott (Legacy ’09), Elizabeth Fedorko (Legacy, ’10), Nina Sacco (Legacy ’10), Nasreen Mustafa (Legacy ’11), Amanda Sullivan (Legacy ’11), Christopher Campbell (Legacy ’12), Matthew Dempsey (Legacy ’12), Rachel Stewart (Legacy ’13), Andrew Kim (Legacy ’14), Veronica Fields (Legacy ’15), Asiyah Khan (Legacy ’15), Maman Cooper (Legacy ’16), Maria Grishanina (Legacy ’17)
Favorite aspect about being a Legacy Mentor? ‘Learning more from my mentees than I could have even hope to teach them.’

Bob Shettle (’89)

Degree: B.A. Business/Finance
Current Employer: North American Private Finance
Mentee: Jeffrey Noonan (Legacy ’17)

AM - Richard Twilley

Richard Twilley (’96 ’04)

Degree: B.S., Civil Engineering
Current Employer: Athorus, PLLC
Mentees: Ryan McHardy (Legacy ’07), Allison Lemkin (Legacy ’07), Ryan Matthews (Legacy ’08), Camille Patterson (Legacy ’08), Robert Slattery (Legacy ’08), Philip Gorecki (Legacy ’09), Garrett Cottrell (Legacy ’09), Timothy Callaghan (Legacy ’10), Stephen Pelletier (Legacy, ’10), Colin Carlson (Legacy ’11), Hoang Trinh (Legacy ’11), Carl D’Oleo-Lundgren (Legacy ’12), Justis Lopez (Legacy ’13), Mary (Molly) Rockett (Legacy ’13), Sean O’Briskie (Legacy ’14), Maria Castrellon (Legacy ’15), Julian Rose (Legacy ’15), Ariana Scurti (Legacy ’16), Jordane Virgo (Legacy ’17)

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Kathy White (’78, ’87)

Degree: B.A., M.Ed, Neag
Mentees: Akina Warner (Legacy ’09), Elisabeth Werling (Legacy ’09), Sarah Harris (Legacy ’10), Melanie Rodriguez (Legacy ’10)

AM - Steve Wolfberg

Steve Wolfberg (‘81)

Degree: CLAS
Current Employer: Cronin and Company, LLC
Mentees: Akina Warner (Legacy ’09), Kaitlin Heenehan (Legacy ’10), Michael Mizrahi (Legacy ’11), Giovanna Torres (Legacy ’12), Monica Smith (Legacy ’13), Maschal Mohiuddin (Legacy ’14)

AM- Brooke Zelesnick-1Brooke Zelesnick (’98)

Degree: B.A. Economics, Concentration in American History and Political Science
Current Employer: UBS AG
Mentee: Sarah Purtill (Legacy ’14), Jessica Stargartder (Legacy ’15), Lauren Biernacki (Legacy ’16), Adrianna Antigiovanni (Legacy ’17)

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Stephen Zielinski (‘72)

Mentee: Linda Drozdowicz (Legacy ’08), Sarah Harris (Legacy ’10), Melanie Rodriguez (Legacy ’10)